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Choosing a dealer management system is an important decision, and one that is not easily un-done, so choose wisely.  Following are some steps that should help you to determine if BiT's online DMS is the best system for you:

View screen shots and videos

We have some sample screen shots and demo videos available for you to view on your own.

- See BiT's Cloud system screen shots and videos here

See a demo of BiT Dealership Software in action

Don't stop your research after seeing some software features in a controlled environment.  What we chose to provide in the videos and screen shots does not capture all of the available options, layouts and features.  To be confident in your decision you should dig deeper by participating in a demonstration of the software in use.  Whether remote or on-site, you should have an opportunity to ask specific questions about how the software handles different scenarios and the processes that are important to you and your business. 

To schedule a demo, start by contacting us here.

A fully-informed decision requires that you have all relevant decision makers take part in a demo of the software.  During a demo we can take you through what we want to show you, and you can also ask to see things that you like and dislike about your current process flow.  One of the unique features of BiT's DMS is that we don't force you into doing things our way.  We have recommended processes based on what we see works well in other similar businesses, but our software isn't so rigid that you have to change your business to do everything our way.

Get references

Check out some of the quotes we have collected from current BiT Dealership Software customers here.

But, don't stop there.  Once your team has seen a demo of BiT, we are happy to introduce you to other clients for an in-depth conversation about how BiT Software can help you get excellent insight into and control of your business with an easy-to-use solution.