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“I have been using this program for a number of years now and have found that it makes tracking inventory much easier. Also, the work order and parts invoicing programs work very well. I really like the fact that you can run reports for pretty much anything. The tech support is fantastic!!”

Bev, X-Plode Motorsports
Grunthal, Manitoba, Canada

“As an independent motorcycle dealer, BIT enabled us to get ahead of our competition while providing us with the right tools from easy reports, great customer support / tech support and loads of features found on software 10x the price.  The one pivotal thing that made BIT a win for us, was the ability to track motorcycles through warranties, service and sales.  We know exactly where things are from the click of our mouse.”

Greg, Ironworks Motorcycles
Greensboro, NC

"The sales, finance and insurance module really stands out. I can input a prospect’s information and have a proposal in front of him/her in minutes. Plus I can get all my prices updated easily.”  BiT's report builder has created additional efficiencies for Jim's team. "Compared to the software we had before, reporting is much better and easier.  I can find information easier and I can create my own reports.  In addition, BiT's customer service is phenomenal.  If something comes up I can call and get support on the line in minutes.  They are excellent." 

Jim, Duncan's Boats
N. Charleston, SC


"Two things stood out about BiT: ease of use and the software’s comprehensiveness.... After purchasing BiT, the biggest improvement in our business came in the service area.  The one thing I have found is that when you have well organized, clear, concise service documentation, your customers have far fewer complaints about how their money’s being spent.  BiT gives us better tracking and better record keeping.  It also helps us weed out work that’s not profitable.” BiT’s customer service is “way beyond anything I ever expected. When you call support up on the phone they get it done.”

Bob, Sport Marine
Richmond, TX

"BiT's Sales and F&I really stand out in how it coordinates with the service side of the business.  All the pieces and parts are accounted for from closing ta deal to getting it rigged. You can enter items on the fly and you can close out the ticket at the end of a job and everything's there...  We love working with BiT.  I'd recommend that if anybody doesn't have dealer software BiT would be a perfect fit.  Or, if anybody is using something that's too complex, they should switch to BiT... it's a lot easier.”

Donald, Old Salt Marine
Lakeland, FL