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Software for Dealership Accounting

The accounting department doesn't have the luxury of blaming inaccurate financial statements on the old adage about "garbage in = garbage out".  You need the tools to prevent messy data so that you can provide meaningful information to the ownership and management.  So, BiT has built a simple yet robust way of helping you get clean data into the books so you don't waste your time cleaning it up, and instead you can focus on providing actionable information to management.  BiT's accounting defaults and billing codes will cover the simple entries, but we also have the flexibility to handle sophisticated accounting rules so financial activity gets recorded correctly without a lot of manual manipulation.

BiT's Dealer Management System integrates with QuickBooks, QuickBooks online, or ask us about whether it will integrate with yours.

  • Financial results transferred to QuickBooks with a couple of clicks
  • Integration includes transactions from Parts, Service and Sales/F&I departments
  • Continue to use QuickBooks for A/P, Payroll, financial statements

With BiT you get a system that:

  • Tracks A/R and deposits in BiT so non-accountant employees won't need to access QuickBooks
  • Sophisticated controls provide custom accounting for special customers, parts or work order types
  • Seamlessly track sales tax and customer deposits
  • Integrates across departments, so there's no need for duplicating entries
  • Utilizes your own chart of accounts
  • Doesn't require you to use the too-generic QuickBooks invoicing
  • Accomodates P&L by department, and by location for businesses with multiple stores
  • Powerful custom report writer to create your own reports on demand, then export to Excel or save to pdf

Explore our website to learn more about the features and benefits of BiT's DMS, then contact us to schedule an online demo.