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Software for Dealership Parts Manager

Are you a Parts Manager responsible for maximizing cash flow out of the parts room and accessories showroom? You have to balance a number of competing demands - you can't sell what you don't have in stock, so you have to keep stock levels up.  But, you have limited resources so you can't carry excess inventory.  And, you need to order wisely to get the best price while minimizing shipping costs, without making the parts ordering and stocking process so complex you don't have time for customer service.   You need to make sure you are selling everything for the current price, not the price when you ordered it. You need to manage special orders for your customers, including the service department, and you certainly don't have time to type in the description every time you stock a new part, or to double-check the price on everything before you invoice it.

As a Parts Manager, you need an easy to learn and easy to use solution that will help you do more with less time, increase margins and sales on your parts, manage special orders, and improve inventory turns.  With BiT's online system, you get parts management and Point of Sale features that will help you:

  • Stay on top of your inventory - where it is and how much is invested in it
  • Guide you to order what you need - no more and no less - to improve cash flow
  • Track who your customers are and what they purchase
  • Efficiently handle special orders

It's not an easy job, but the right tools will help you focus on the other things you need to take care of - like providing great customer service.


Here are just some of the features of BiT's parts management/POS software:

  • Print and scan bar codes to increase efficiency
  • No charge for price files from all major manufacturer, aftermarket and distributors
  • Easy to email customers, view their communication and purchase history
  • Manage pricing with sophisticated pricing rules
  • System-generated stock orders based on your min/max levels and sales history
  • Track lost orders when someone wants a part you don't have in stock
  • Track superseded and interchangeable parts
  • Easy to find sales history on all stocked items
  • Automatically generate Cost of Goods Sold and Sales Tax
  • Physical inventory or cycle counting module that can utilize handheld scanner
  • Easily view parts movement history in a single screen
  • Email customers within the system and record conversation history
  • Powerful custom report writer, save as PDF or excel format

You may continue to explore this site to see the features and benefits, or contact us for a demo.